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We always aim to consult for free but as demand increases we want to make sure those that really want our help can pay and schedule an appointment immediately.

Consultations available with Nicholas Morton, owner of Maine Grown.

• Grow Room Turnaround

• Soil Testing

• Standard Operating Procedures

• Propagation

(We work closely with world renowned HVAC leader, Multiaqua™. They continue to bring innovative, efficient products to the market. By combining cost effectiveness, innovation, and quality, Multiaqua will continue to provide air conditioning products that will be the most sought after in the world. From residential to commercial they will provide the systems you need.)

• Controls

• Electrical

• Systems

• Machinery

• Printing

We have several options.

Please note: Once you purchase your consult you will receive an email within 24 hours with a calendar to schedule your appointment.

Phone or Skype with Nicholas Morton by the Hour:

• $200 Per Hour

In Person Site Visit by Nicholas Morton with Follow Up Action Plan:

• $750.00 Half Day Local Visit – 4 hours

• $1,500.00 Full Day 8 Hours Site visit + Paid Transportation and Lodging.

Additional Days as Package deal.

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