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Maine offers a variety of great doctors to discuss your needs with. If you need something more convenient or can’t visit a doctor, we recommend cheapmedcards.com – an experienced team of licensed nurse practitioners and health professionals within the field of cannabis consultation.

The State of Maine has removed the list of qualifying conditions, leaving it up to the nurse (or Doctor) to decide. To put it simply, if cannabis can be helpful to a patient in the opinion of the nurse (or Doctor), they may recommend it.


01. Medical choice

Only you can decide what is best for you – visit one of Maine’s great medical professionals for a consultation and potential medical card recommendation, or visit cheapmedcards.com if it is easier, more convenient, or more comfortable for you.


02. Apply online

If you have chosen to use cheapmedcards.com, you will fill out your pre-application form, upload your records, and pay for your consultation. You’ll then schedule your appointment with one of their professionals.


03. Get your card

You will work with one of cheapmedcards.com medical team to discuss your needs – appointments usually only take about 10 minutes. If you qualify for a card after you appointment, cheapmedcards.com will send you your certification. You can then visit our shop!


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